COSMOS Meeting June 12-16, 2015

Welcome to the COSMOS 2015 registration Page. The meeting consists of two parts: a cruise from Helsinki to St. Peterburg and back to Helsinki on June 12-14; a meeting in Helsinki during June 14-16. Participants need to book the ferry for participating in the cruise part. Consult the Agenda to see the science time slots allocated for the talks on the ferry. If you plan to stay for the meeting in Helsinki - remember to book your accomodation.

  • Information about the June 12-14 "Princess Maria" ferry.
  • The ferry leaves Helsinki West sea terminal On June 12 2015 at 18:00. We will board at 15:00 and start a meeting at 16:00.
  • Urgent: book your own ticket, select the cabin and the food option NOW
  • Best is to use google-chrome browser, opera does not work at all and firefox requires a security eception to be entered
  • Select Helsinki as a departure location
  • 12.06.2015 as a (starting) date, a cruise as a product.
  • After that you are offered with options on dates, select the one with departure on 12.06.2015, which is first one in the list. It should select the field having
  • Cruise HEL-SPB-HEL on Maria
  • Departure: 12.06.2015 18:00 HEL
  • Arrival: 14.06.2015 08:00 HEL
  • Time at destination: 38h
  • Ship: Princess Maria
  • After this select your cabin type (if you decide to share it with someone, make a joined booking).
  • In order to be together for dinner, select "sitting 2", when ordering the meals.
  • Dinner is a buffet, vegetarian options are available, drinks are included
  • Drink voucher is ment for either ordering something fancy at the dinner, or in the bars later one, but have to be redeemed at once, which is a bit of an inconvenience, one can just pay with cards or cash.
  • You will get "City Bus Tour for passengers without visa" automatically added to your bill on the following page, which is a requirement for entering without the visa.
  • Jump to the order details.
  • Fill out your personal information, leave the visa box free. If you have a visa anyway, entering it will remove the bus tour.
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • Step-by-step instructions are also given here Please send Alexis the copy of your receipt for organization purposes on the ferry. Remember that the price will increase with time. Unfortunately, no reservation was possible.
      With this booking, you do not need a visa to travel to St.Peterburg. Make sure that you have a multiple entry Schengen visa in case you need it for entering EU, as you will be considered as leaving European Union when going on this trip.
  • The cruise brings us back to Helsinki on June 14 and we will have a conference on the boat till 1pm.
  • June 15-16: Scientific program will continue at the Kumpula science center in Helsinki.
    • We are collecting the registration fee of 200 Euro including the conference dinner ("full registration fee") and 120 Euro otherwise ("partial attendance registration fee") to cover the expenses for renting the facilities.

    The deadline for the registration is April 10 2015.

    Local Organizing Committee

    • Alexis Finoguenov
    • Viola Allevato
    • Kimmo Kettula
    • Ghassem Gozaliasl
    • Clif Kirkpatrick